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Narendra Tiwari

It has really been a head scratching task for me. I 've tried many options but nothing worked. Finally I found a workaround on google to achive this by TaskScheduler.

When we run Teamsite user administration command line tool IWUSERADM.exe though ASP.Net it gives following error:

Application popup: cmd.exe - Application Error : The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000142). Click on OK to terminate the application.

No specific cause, it seems to be a bug, supposed to be resolved with this Microsoft patch, Moreover there is nothing related to permission issue my web application is impersonated with an administrator account. offcourse running a .bat file from admin account is a potential security threat but for this scenario lets conifne our discussion to run the command line tool only.

I have not tried this patch as I have not permitted to run this patch on server. Below are the steps to achive the requirement.

1/ Create a batch file which runs the IWUSERADM.exe. 
       echo - Add Teamsite User
   CD E:\Appli\GN00\iw-home\bin
   iwuseradm add-user %1

2/ Temporarily create a schedule task and run  the .bat file by scheduled task by ASP.Net code using TaskScheduler

3/ Here is the function:
private int AddTeamsiteUser(string strBatchFilePath, string strUser)
//Get a ScheduledTasks object for the local computer.
ScheduledTasks st = new ScheduledTasks();
// Create a task
Task t;
t = st.CreateTask("~AddTeamsiteUser");
throw new Exception("Schedule Task ~AddTeamsiteUser already exist.");

t.ApplicationName = strBatchFilePath;
t.Parameters = strUser;
t.Comment = "Adding user to Teamsite Application"

t.SetAccountInformation(yourLogin, yourPassword); 

Thread.Sleep(2000); //for sync issue 

//Remove the scheduled task

return t.ExitCode;

Calling function
//Add User in Teamsite
string strBatFilePath = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["batFilePath"];
this.AddTeamsiteUser(strBatFilePath, domainName\UserName)

Below are few resources related to the above scenario:-
- Task Scheduler Class Library for .NET
- Run a .BAT file from ASP.NET
- TaskScheduler Class
- Application Hangs whle running iwuseradm.exe through ASP.Net


Posted on Thursday, May 27, 2010 10:33 AM .Net | Back to top

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