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Narendra Tiwari April 2007 Entries
Restricting html files to be viewed without login ASP.NET
1. Implement Forms Authentication and Authorization in Web.config <system.web> <authentication mode="Forms"/> </system.web> <location path="<filename or relative path of the folder>"> <!--e.g. PublishedFiles\Category1, or PublishedFiles\Category1\fi... <system.web> <authorization> <deny users="?"/> <allow users="*"/> </authorization> </system.web> </location> 2. Ensure that there is an entry for .htm/.html in IIS ......

Posted On Friday, April 27, 2007 8:59 AM

Mime Types
Extension MIME type .3dm x-world/x-3dmf .3dmf x-world/x-3dmf .a application/octet-stream .aab application/x-authorware-bin .aam application/x-authorware-map .aas application/x-authorware-seg .abc text/ .acgi text/html .afl video/animaflex .ai application/postscript .aif audio/aiff .aif audio/x-aiff .aifc audio/aiff .aifc audio/x-aiff .aiff audio/aiff .aiff audio/x-aiff .aim application/x-aim .aip text/x-audiosoft-intra .ani application/x-navi-animation .aos application/x-nokia-9000-co... ......

Posted On Thursday, April 26, 2007 10:57 AM

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