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Procedure for recovering your Exchange Calendar and Contacts


We recently performed a migration from Microsoft Exchange 5.5 to Microsoft Exchange 2003. It was long coming. I’m very excited to start leveraging some of the great feature of the upgrade.

But there were some issues…


The main problem was that when I changed my Outlook to point to the new Exchange server, the Contacts and Calendar items that I had imported from my personal .PST weren’t there. Not Good. Fortunately I had made a backup


Here is the procedure I used for recovering my Exchange Calendar and Contacts.


·         To recover your Calendar or Contacts:

·         File / Import and Export

·         Import from another program of file / Next

·         Personal Folder File (.pst) / Next

·         Browse /type  yourFileLocationWhereYouCreatedYourPst\yourBackupPstFile.pst  / Enter 

·         Replace duplicates / Next

·         Select Calendar or Contacts / check Include Subfolders / Import items into (your mailbox) / Finish


Then repeat the same procedure, chosing the other of Calendar or Contacts. 


That still didn’t resolve the issue that whenever I typed a name from my personal imported contacts, outlook didn’t recognize the name. When I tried to click the To: and find the contact, There weren’t any contacts to find.


Then I found out I needed to to rebuild my local Outlook Address Book. Here’s how I did it and everything works great now:


·         Tools / Email accounts / View or change existing directories or address books / Next

·         Select "Outlook Address Book" / Remove

·         Add / Additional Address Books / Next

·         Outlook Address Book / Next / OK   ( Note that the dialog insists that you "Exit" after this.)

·         Finish / File / Exit

·         Restart Outlook




Hope this helps some of you out there that had the same issue as me.



Posted on Wednesday, July 19, 2006 2:53 PM | Back to top

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