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As a happy owner of an original Kindle, my wife was always asking me about its convenience.  I take the reader on business and personal travel and find it much easier to read it one-handed when compared with any book.  Everywhere I would read a book, I have no problem reading the Kindle.  I find it convenient on airplanes, though having it off during takeoff and landing is bothersome.  I have quite a bit of free content, or I had it converted for free by Amazon.

The Kindle 2 is out now and she wants one.  She wants one so bad, she wants two so we can both have one.  I demurred for a time because of the cost.  Amazon has now done what I wanted them to do when they introduced the Kindle DX -- they dropped the price of the Kindle 2 by $60!

At $299, I can weakly rationalize away an upgrade I do not exactly need as a mandatory requirement to keep up with my wife technologically.  After all, I can use my reader as a remote example to help her with hers should the need arise.


Posted on Thursday, July 9, 2009 7:31 PM Personal | Back to top

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