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Yesterday my wife and I flew back home after attending my mother's funeral.  Our daughter was an amazingly accommodating 8-month-old and slept for most of the flight.  As I watched Baggage Carousel 16 (on Level 2 Side A of Orlando International Airport (OIA) (after having some adventure finding where it would appear (for the unfamiliar OIA terminals are HUGE (and so is the parking)))), I saw our luggage begin to appear.  I spotted the blue TSA tags that indicated that the Transportation Security Administration had opened and inspected them after their curbside drop-off.  I had used two large roller bags to get the majority of our stuff on the plane due to the lack of hands with one of us minding an infant.  Both big bags had been inspected.

When we got home, one bag held the telltale odor of chicken.  That particular bag was the one in which I had packed 41 jars of baby food that were no longer needed by my mother (but my daughter will greatly appreciate (thanks Dad!)).  On examination, it was obvious that several of the plastic bags which had wrapped the jars (in case of leakage) had been removed and that a single jar of Beech-Nut Naturals Stage 2 Chicken Noodle Dinner had been opened.  While I found no evidence of finger tasting, does baby food show up as something sinister when scanned?

Also, the other bag held the remainder of a can of Parent's Choice Infant Formula with Lipids.  I had taped the lid on to prevent our clothes from being festooned with dry baby formula.  The can had been opened and then resealed with official TSA inspection tape (thoughtful!).  I hope the inspector has had children and knew what dry formula looked like.  I guess it looked pretty sinister also.

Since we had numerous items in there with baby leakage on them, I hope they didn't mind the dirty laundry.

Posted on Sunday, April 11, 2004 4:41 AM & Etc. , Personal | Back to top

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