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My Naval service has made me extra aware of watching the weather.  I have IE shortcuts set up to the local National Weather Service radar in the Tampa area that covers us here in Orlando from the west as well as others in their network.  I prefer the NWS radars over those of local TV stations because I can get a loop and they has no advertising.  The NWS radars provide the data to places like and  The NWS national loop is very convenient to track what's happening where our family and relatives live.  Unlike the commercial site, the NWS data is free.

I was interested in a Reuters report on what appears to be the first hurricane in the South Atlantic.  The Brazilian Weather Service is disputing that designation, but I trust the U.S. National Hurricane Center in Miami to get it right since they have more experience than anyone else in the world.

Interestingly, the Reuters report indicates that Brazil does not seem to be making any preparations for the storm.  I find that hard to believe.  Here in Florida, we are extremely sensitive to hurricanes.  Since the storm should make landfall in the next several days, we'll see what happens.

Note: As of this posting, the NWS servers appear to be down with DNS problems.

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