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Justin King blogged about Amazon's new search engine.  I looked at it, installed their very Google like toolbar and tried it out.  The SiteInfo popups on the search results page were cool.

Then I clicked on the toolbar button that said “'s History” and lo and behold, I was taken to and their I saw all the websites I had just visited after installing the toolbar.  No way.  Maybe the toolbar is intercepting the http response and filling in my history.  I then saw the following information on their “7 Reasons to Use”  page:

Search History: All your searches at are stored on our servers and shown to you at any time from any computer you use.

Click History: If any of the web search results include a site that you have seen before, it's marked on the result. We even tell you the last time you visited that site.

Your History: Keep track of your last sites visited (on any computer) and your most recent searches. It will keep track of the Web pages you recently visited--even if you switch computers.

Diary: ... You can take notes on any web page, and reference them whenever you visit that page, on any computer that you use. Your entries are automatically saved whenever you stop typing or when you go to another page.

And this one is pretty good...looks like Amazon doesn't really have their own search engine (except for searching their own site):

Web Search: Web search results are provided by Google.

Now, I'm all for Amazon creating a service that they think will benefit mankind.  I'm not one of those privacy freaks that jumps up and down yelling bloody murder.  But if I noticed this, then the privacy freaks definately will (btw, the term “privacy freaks“ is not meant to be offensive to those that watch out for us...I call myself a gaming freak which is a good thing, not bad)


Posted on Thursday, April 15, 2004 6:48 PM Rants , Misc | Back to top

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