Naming Things is Hard: Dictionaries

Following on from my previous post on naming things, here's a few words about naming dictionaries.

I've been working with a codebase recently which makes a lot of use of dictionaries, and myself often find them useful when implementing a kind of strategy pattern where the keys are values you might otherwise have in a switch statement, something like this:

public class Foo
    private readonly Dictionary<CustomerType, Action<Customer>> _customerActionsByType;

    public Foo()
        _customerActionsByType = new Dictionary<CustomerType, Action<Customer>>
            { CustomerType.Anonymous, DoAnonymousCustomerStuff },
            { CustomerType.Registered, DoRegisteredCustomerStuff }

    public void DoCustomerStuff(Customer customer)

    private static void DoAnonymousCustomerStuff(Customer customer)

    private static void DoRegisteredCustomerStuff(Customer customer)

Through working with lots of dictionaries, I've started naming them as in the example above - [value type]By[key type]. So, for other, possibly-gratuitous examples:

  • sectionsById
  • eventsByDayOfTheWeek
  • ordersByCustomer

…you get the idea. I like this naming pattern for dictionaries because it includes both the things the dictionary structure exposes to the program - the types of the keys and the values - in a way which also describes the purpose of the object. It doesn't contain the word 'dictionary' because that's an implementation detail.

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