November 2008 Entries

Nested output for sqlCommand.ExecuteXmlReader

I'm working on a task to get a sql rows as xml using sqlCommand.ExecuteXmlReader and transform them using XsltCompiled transform. The sqlCommand is calling a stored procedure that returns a select statement with FOR XML AUTO,ELEMENTS. The ExecuteXmlReader returns a XmlNodeList which can be fed to the XSLTCompiledTransform but does not produced the desired output. Here is an example from the AdventureWorks database select top 10 ProductID,[Name],[ProductNu... from [AdventureWorks].[Productio... ......

Hotmail New look

The hotmail new look stinks.  I can't add recipients using nicknames.  I can't tell how many messages I have in the inbox.  The colors and fonts suck.

But that's my 2 cents