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With the release of the Windows Phone Developer Tools 7.1 Beta, Visual Basic joins C# as a supported development language for XNA. I’ve been busily converting my samples to VB recently. They aren’t all done yet, but quite a few are (only three remain that I plan to convert). Rather than make anyone wait, I’ll share what I’ve completed so far and will add more when I have the remainder finished. Without further ado:

Content Pipeline Extension Sample: VB Source CodeRelated Blog Post

DragAndDropGame: VB Source CodeRelated Blog Post

CheckMemoryAllocationGame: VB Source CodeRelated Blog Post

RenderTarget2D Sample: VB Source CodeRelated Blog Post

Guest Account Sign In Utility: VB Source Code (There is no blog post for this tool; it allows you to get a Guest sign in on the Xbox 360 in order to check that you are properly handling guest accounts when purchasing games.)


As always, you can find all sample here: Except as otherwise specified, all source code is licensed under the terms of the Microsoft Public License (in this case, all of the samples above). Please feel free to ask me any questions here, on Twitter, or on the App Hub forums. I plan to make all future samples available in both languages at the same time. Welcome to XNA!

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