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As promised, a new post with the updated info on app submission. The following link is the official policy:

In relevant part,

  • Annual registration fee of $99
  • No limit to the number of paid apps submitted 5 free apps per registration, $19.99 each after that

I am sorry if I alarmed anyone (I was alarmed, myself). My other criticisms stand, but I am very glad that the other link contained bum information. I'd like to suggest to whoever is in charge of that a revamp of the website to clearly distinguish between policies applicable to WM 6.x and WP7 be undertaken ASAP. New developers login excitedly once their accounts are approved and start clicking through those links on the left and it can be very confusing very quickly. For now, simply changing the title of that box to "WM 6.X SUPPORT" from "SUPPORT" would remove much of the confusion since I'm sure that's where the writer of the post with the bad info got it from. Anyone who quickly reads through those links will see "$99 per app certification" and, being on the website could easily say "ok, that's the policy".

Again, I'm very glad that it's $99 per year and that there are no limits on paid apps and that there are 5 free apps (with a fee for additional free apps beyond 5 as stated above) included, too. I really do love WP7 and want to see it succeed more than I've wanted to see something succeed in a very long time. So if you're listening, please do try to do more for indie XNA developers. The XNA development team @ Microsoft has been wonderful with their helpful blog posts and incredible dedication to answering questions in the Creators Club forums on their own time. But if you want to see us create really great games, you've gotta get some phones into the hands of our XNA MVPs at the very least so that they can test things for us and answer questions that the documentation is still unclear about.

More tutorials coming soon. Until then, good luck!

Posted on Thursday, August 19, 2010 2:45 AM xna , general , wp7 | Back to top

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