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Suresh Veeragoni, working as a Principal Consultant at Sogeti USA LLC (A subsidiary of Capgemini SA Group), developing SOA & BPM solutions for Businesses using Microsoft CSD products (BizTalk, WF, WCF etc)

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Suresh Veeragoni's Blog A BizTalker's Blog October 2009 Entries
Before reaching the cloud…
In my opinion Internet Explorer, which is one of the worst product from Microsoft! (Sorry, no offense! its just my opinion and I guess most others feel the same who thinks browser should be more innovative in making us more productive) How much time it takes to load the about:blank page. why Ctrl+E doesn't go to search box? sick of useless extensions/accelerators, why cant i do paste and go in address bar? why can’t i drag a tab out of tab group? does it ever pass ACID3 test ? Does it ever pass ACID ......

Posted On Thursday, October 1, 2009 11:44 PM

Buzzwords in Practice…
Its been quite long time I haven't wrote much due to lot of travelling and non-core area related work (non connected systems, SOA & BPM work). Now, I am back and the good news is I will be drinking, eating and breathing some of the buzzwords..(because of the solutions I am concentrating and architecture of current project I am in) So, Some Buzzwords I am really gonna look/work and more deep dive areas are mentioned below… 1) SOA – Service Oriented Architecture, The most controversial Architecture ......

Posted On Thursday, October 1, 2009 5:31 PM

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