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I always find it interesting to see, at the beginning of a new year, what the IT industry is going to say is the “HOT” thing for this year.  For the past couple of years, it has been about outsourcing, and how that is where the industry is headed.  This, of course, led to a big backlash against outsourcing, at least in my opinion.

Now, Computerworld is predicting the hot tech skills for 2006.  They say that Developers, Security Analysts, and Project Managers are the hot ticket items for the U.S. IT job market in 2006.  The article goes on to talk about  the demand in each of these three areas.  For Developers, they say:

demand for developers with .Net and Java skills has increased, as has the need for business analysts and IT relationship managers who work with business managers to understand their divisions' requirements.

For which I say, duh.   Companies are obviously going to look for people with targeted experience in their industry.  However, I do not believe that developers are able to go in and command their salary, as seems to be implied by this article.  The major reason, in my opinion, that developers are having a hard time finding jobs in the U.S. is mostly because companies do not necessarily want to pay what is required to hire a good developer. (Let me caveat this by saying I am a developer, and therefore might be slightly biased).

Its interesting to note that, according to the article, the demand for certified security experts is down slightly, mostly because unemployed IT workers have obtained those certifications in order to make themselves more marketable, leading to a glut in the marketplace.  Makes you wonder how many of those certified experts just memorized the exam books before they took the test, and have no real-world experience.  Probably more than you think.

Its an interesting article to read, but please take everything with a grain of salt.

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