December 2008 Entries
Visual Studio Magazine Article on ASP.NET MVC

I just had an article published in the Visual Studio Magazine January 2009 Issue on the ASP.NET MVC framework.

The direct link to the article is here:


One correction is that the “About the Author” section at the bottom of the article is out of date since I am no longer employed at e.magination. I am now with Applied Information Sciences (AIS) and can be reached either through this blog or at

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ARCast.TV Interview on Channel9 - 64-bit Computing Technology for Highly Scalable Applications

In the past couple of years, I had the unique opportunity to lead of team of developers building one of the highest (if not THE highest) volume .NET application in the world.  With more than 3 billion requests per day and an SLA of 99.99% of requests under 250ms, we had some exciting challenges. Because the application was so performance intensive, we heavily utilized a huge in-memory cache.  Because of the size of our cache, we had some interesting challenges to overcome with .NET garbage collection in order to satisfy our SLA.  This led us to working with Microsoft to implement GC Notifications which were released in .NET 3.5 SP1.

Of course the details of this could be a white paper unto itself but here is a 20 minute interview on ARCast.TV explaining some of the details.

64-bit Computing Technology for Highly Scalable Applications

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