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I came across a new error message I havent seen before today so blogging about it incase anyone else happens to come across it.  The scenario was:

1. my orchestration sent a message to the send port

2. The send port would retry and then suspend with the following error message (which was also written to the event log)

"A failure occurred when loading the configuration XML DOM."

As sometimes happens the error message is not that clear and there wasnt anything on google about it.

The cause of the problem was developer error in that I had been manually tweaking the binding file and when I imported it everything was fine and the application started correctly.  However my bug was that I had incorrectly configured the TransportData element of the adapter properties in the binding file and as result the adapter could not load its config correctly.

Once I fixed this it was fine.


I have noticed a few sites that seem to copy the content of blog articles and display them in their own site.  It is a bit annoying that they do not clearly reference or acknowledge the author so I have decided to put this note on the bottom of all of my posts from now so it is clear who wrote it.

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