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To quote the web transports team blog:

“There is an upcoming online chat with Jawad Khaki (corporate VP of Windows Networking and Devices) regarding Longhorn Networking features on March 22 at 11:30. Want to be the first to know what is changing (and there are years worth of work here) in the networking stack? This is the place to be. Or maybe that you have a favorite issues regarding the tcp/ip stack, winsock, firewall, UPNP, wireless, NDIS, home networking, Peer-to-Peer, IPV6? Here's your chance to tell the man in charge.”

Jawad will be joined in the chat by some of his GM's like Henry Sanders (Transports General manager where, among others, the web transports, HTTP.SYS, winsock, net device drivers and the TCP/IP stack live).  I had to present my work for Henry a few times when I interned at MS - a very sharp guy.  This talk should be more than worth your time.


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