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My bags aren't packed but it's time to go
As usual I am packing and getting all my stuff together at the last minute :). It is 12:13AM and I leave for Brazil this afternoon, however, I have yet to finish packing, do laundry and get all my appropriate paper work together. Why I am blogging and not getting ready do you ask? Well, the answer to that is I got sidetracked building a tablet pc application and I figured while I'm on here I may as well post one more time before we leave. I'm sure I will be quite tired tomorrow, however, that is ......

Posted On Monday, June 28, 2004 9:19 PM

Cooliest library

This sounds very nerdy but Seattle has the coolest library every - check it out:   ---- look under the seattle gallery then under the library gallery

The library has free wireless and you can buy smoothies in it.  It has become my favorite work spot!

Posted On Sunday, June 20, 2004 4:04 PM

MS Store pictures
I posted some pictures of the goodies I got at the MS store (not all are for me - fathers day presents). I also posted a picture of the tablet I got at work. Speaking of tablets I can't wait for the 2005 version of the OS. I will be very curious to see if the fixed some of the issues in the current OS - screen configuration, hand writing, apps designed for the tablet, etc. - look under the seattle gallery ......

Posted On Saturday, June 19, 2004 9:26 PM

IC worlds are coming soon
wow it has been a long time since I last blogged. I blame that on working stupidly long days and weekends for the past while. I am currently doing a research project which seems to eat time like a fat man at the sizzler. Anyways, the world competition is quickly approaching and our team is doing their best to add the last bells and wistles to our application. I recently finished adding some weather monitoring services and mappoint features to the application and now its testing time. We have a solid ......

Posted On Friday, June 18, 2004 3:40 PM

Free Game
It's late so this will be short.  Today just before leaving work, my officemate and I were given free tickets to the Mariners game by his manager.  Of course we took them and had a blast at the game.  The Jays won 6-5 but the seats were awesome (right near 1st base) so all in all it was a great time.

Posted On Tuesday, June 1, 2004 9:00 PM

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