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Microsoft is having a Windows Phone 7 Developer Launch right now across the USA. I attended the event in Atlanta and tweeted about it. Since the tweets, I’ve had several people ask me about it. So here goes: The unofficial Q&A to the Windows Phone 7 Developer Launch.


    1. What are the topics?
    2. Do you have the PowerPoint slides from the sessions?
    3. Where did you sign up?
    4. Is it worth going?
    5. What about vendors?
    6. Did they give away any free swag? Any pictures?


1.) Topics list is included below. That list came from here:

8:30 AM – Kick Off - Welcome

8:45 AM – Introduction to Windows Phone Development and the WP7 Platform
Meet Windows Phone 7! We’re proud to introduce the innovative Windows Phone 7 platform and explain the philosophy behind its all-new user experience design.

9:45 AM - Monetizing Your Apps with Marketplace
Windows Phone 7 will launch with a fully loaded Marketplace and the opportunity for developers to sell or distribute their applications. You’ll get all the details on how to navigate the certification process and publish your application including updates.

10:45 AM– Break

11:00 AM – Design Guidelines for Windows Phone 7
Windows Phone 7 has a brand new interface paradigm called Metro that will delight end users. We’ll cover all of the new Windows Phone 7 controls, guidelines for usage, and what you need to think about in the new multi-touch interface.

12:30 PM– Break

1:15 PM – Supercharge Your Windows Phone 7 Apps with Microsoft Silverlight
Now that you’ve learned the fundamentals, it’s time to dig a little deeper. This session will focus on building Windows Phone 7 applications with Microsoft Silverlight.

2:15 PM – Step Up Your Game with Windows Phone 7 and XNA
Microsoft XNA has been a favorite with game developers for many years. We’ll charge full-speed into XNA to outline the basic Windows Phone model, explore its core device characteristics, and review the highlights of the XNA phone framework.

3:15 PM– Break

3:30 PM – The Power of the Cloud, Exploring Windows Phone 7 Services
Get ready to build more engaging user experiences with Windows Phone 7 and several powerful cloud-based and phone-based components. Topics will include launchers and choosers; Microsoft Location Service; cameras, maps and pictures; tombstoning; Microsoft Push Notification Service; accelerometer and more.

2.) The Slides are located below. They are also on the Microsoft site here:

Session 1: Get Started! The Basics of Building Apps on the Windows Phone 7 Platform

Session 2: From Idea to Interactivity: Design Guidelines for Windows Phone 7

Session 3: Supercharge Your Windows Phone 7 Apps with Microsoft Silverlight

Session 4: Step Up Your Game with Windows Phone 7 and XNA

Session 5: Monetizing Your Apps with Marketplace

Session 6: The Power of the Cloud: Exploring Windows Phone 7 Services

3.) I signed up for the event here. Plenty of sessions are still available.

4.) For the first day: It is worth going if you have beginner to intermediate knowledge of the WP7 platform. The second day is more hands-on and would benefit everyone developing in WP7.

5.) I did not see ANY vendors. The entire event was Microsoft products. They had an Xbox 360 with Halo Reach, Zune Pass, Hands-on WP7 booth and a WP7 Photo booth.

6.) Yes, the free swag is located below. I am now a SuperNerd for posting pictures of this.

(sorry for the copyright, but I’ve had people stealing images/screenshots from my site.All images will have this from now on.)

IMG_0150 IMG_0151 IMG_0152

IMG_0155 IMG_0156 IMG_0157 IMG_0158 IMG_0159   IMG_0162

IMG_0160 IMG_0161

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