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A quick tour to Visual Studio 2005 IDE.

Start Page – is the first page that you will see when you pull up VS2005 for the first time. If you close the start page, you can reactive it by View->Start Page.

Views in the Document window – VS2005 offers two views of a page. Design and Source. Source view is the default view in VS2005. By using options dialog you can change the default view visual studio uses when a page is opend for the first time. Choose Tools -> Options and navigate to the HTML Designer section. ( if you can not see the HTML designer tab check the show all settings checkbox)

Tag Navigator – when you are working visually with an page notice that a list of elements appears at the bottom of the document window. This elements are called tag navigators. Instead of requiring you to select the element from the design surface or from within source view, the tag navigators enables you to right click an element to select it and display properties for that control in properties window.

Page Tabs- whenever a document is open in the window, a tab for that page appears on the top of the window. Right click on the page tab gives you the new options: Save, Close, Close all but this, Copy full path, open containing folder.

Code Change Status Notification – Document window now includes a new code-change notification system. Line numbers are included by default. Click on any number will highlight that line. Next to the line number is changing color bar. The color bar notifies you of the code changes that have occurred on your ASP.NET pages. If no color is appeared on that line – you have not yet made any changes to that file. After you make a change to perticular line a yellow bar appears. After a file is saved, the line appears to be green.

Error notification and Assistance – in Visual Studio 2005 design time error checking is continues, in addition to you will now see a small square at the end of error code line, hovering the cursor to that square causes an error sign to appear. Clickin the error sign opens a dialog that gives you option for fixing the error.

The ToolBox – The tool box is now divided in sub parts. It has standard, data, validation, navigation, login, webparts, HTML and General Tabs. To view the controls on toolbox as icon – right click on toolbox and un check view as list.

Solution Explorer – solution explorer has following items displayed as icon on the top. First is properties, Refresh, Nested Related Files, View Code, View Designer, Copy Web Site, ASP.NET.Configration.

Server Explorer - Server explorer enables you to perform number of functions such as working with database connectivity, monitoring, performance and interacting with event logs.

Properties window – unchanged from vs2003

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