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I finished my first set of WCF services that my enterpise application exposes. I am ready to deploy them and I found some problems. The .NET 3.0 is 'only' a set of libraries build on top of .NET 2.0. I thought all I need to do is to publish the libraries (I need WCF only) with my application in the bin folder - xcopy it. Unfortunatelly it occurs it's not so easy. I extracted the libraries out of my GAC and tried to execute my test app on a clean machine. It didn't work as I used app.config to configure the WCF - I had an exception that said something about app.config (I do not remember it at the moment). I posted the issue on WCF foum and it occurs the .NET 3.0 must be installed on the machine (at least if you want to configure it in app.config as the setup registers config handlers - or whatever the name of this stuff is - in your machine.config file)

OK. I decided to extend my setup to include the .NET 3.0 as a prerequisite. I downloaded:

.Net 3.0 bootstrapper - this is bootstrapper that downloads the 'real' setup during instalation. I didn't inlude it in my app for obvious (at least to me) reasons.

.Net 3.0 full redistributable - this is full redistributable and I use this as a prerequisite to my application (it has approximately 50 MB). Hopefuly setting a .NET Framework 3.0 as prerequisite instals also the .NET 2.0.

.Net 3.0 merge module - I hoped I could find merge module for .NET 3.0 but it's not available.

Here is also an article that helped me understand the .NET 3.0 deployment scenarios:

I still do not know how to distribute the .NET 3.0 with ClickOnce but I will have to find it out. I'll post it when I find it.

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Hi all,

I am working on a windows forms app. I do my development in a development environment, and I have certain settings in my app.config like connection to WCF services that point to my development WCF Services.

When I deploy my Application with ClickOnce, those settings are going to have to be updated to their production values.

What is the recommended method for managing this? I can't imagine modifying the app.config on production and then having to start over again with the development values the next time i publish.

In production enviroment I haven't Visual Studio for do again new Publish.

Using ClickOnce VS 2005, I have Custom Prerequisites too

thanks in advance
Left by ae on Sep 05, 2008 11:53 PM

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