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I am currently reading a great WCF book by Juval Lővy (I am not sure if I picked the proper ő sign) which can be found here: I know most of things that are there as I read almost everything that is in the MSDN on the WCF but the book is written in a way that particular topic is described fully in a one place. I actually do not read it and just walk through it, analyze the code samples and read only those topics I am intersted in, which are:

  • Service lifetime management
  • Web Service hosting without IIS
  • Message Queuing - I like the idea that I write a service 'indepedently' from a protocol it uses to communicate
  • Callback mechanism
  • P2P mechanisms support

I am already in a half of the book and I can strongly recommend it as worth buying and reading.

OK. The reason why I consider using the WCF is simple:

I need to expose Web Service and allow to communicate via MSMQ - all this for communicating with other environments. My application uses .NET Remoting as an internal communication mechanism and I want to use them both side by side. I don't want to uses IIS to expose Web Services and off course I am eager to try the WCF in a real life enterpises application. I've never tried it before. All I did is few test projects till now. I will post about my experience with the WCF in the business environment usage.

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