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For the last few years I try to find the best way to rganize myself. I try to find a way how to organize both, tasks and knowledge, so it could be easily maintainable and clearly visible. I try to organize my knowledge and tasks concerning my self-development. I tried few ways to achieved this; here is the list:

  1. Sticky notes - very powerful way of organizing tasks; it worked for a year; I woke up with more then 50 sticky notes that I was rewriting each time I finished some of tasks specified there
  2. Paper sheets with notes - a bit better than sticky notes (paper size) but I had the same problem as previously;
  3. Paper calendar - I used it in the same way as sticky notes and paper sheets; it was a bit better as I had only one source of information (comparing to many paper sheets); the only problem was rewriting the pages that was 'almost' done - to reorganize the knowledge/tasks;
  4. Local wiki - I finally moved my problem into computer; It was a wonderful change; I use it still; The wiki does not require any application (it is pure html wiki with self saving) - you can find it here; The only problem with any wiki is that it is suitable for organizing knowledge but not specially useful for managing tasks.
  5. Outlook - I hoped to fill the tasks management gap here; It was a mistake; I do not know why but I don't like tracking tasks in Outlook; maybe it's because really soon I have hundreds of taks which I cannot close (maybe this is the root of the problem)
  6. Mind maps + folders with specific documents - finally; here I am; I use mind maps connected with additional documents that I can open from the maps (including the wiki I mentioned previously). I am very happy with the mind map idea at the moment; I hope it will last for a while; There is only concern at the moment: my maps are messy - I have to refactor them;

Let's hope the last way (mind maps) will survive the amount of information I need to put in it.

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I just wanted to thank you for telling me about Tiddlywiki! =)


Left by Marlun on Jun 10, 2007 3:49 AM

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