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August 2011 Entries

Essentials Run the bash for this as administrator. The shortcut is located in the Git installation folder. "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Git”. Good Setting for the layout are: Screnn buffer size Width: 160 Height: 3000 Windows size Width: 160 Height: 75 A detail explanation could be found under Unable to modify git bash Windows shortcut - Full Instructions Additonals With the Console enhancement project (Console Enhancement Project at SourceForge) it’s a lot more fun to work with console. Settings for console ......

Motivation During playing with AOP framework PostSharp I thought about the technique to weave the logger instances inside the code by using the CompileTimeInitialize–method. Unfortunately my logging-stuff must be serializable. This is not given. So I must use the other weaving point and access my Loggers. Over an abstraction layer I use log4net in the background. So my question was: how expensive is access to loggers and log something. Testing-Setup My little testing project consists mostly of these ......

Initial situation If you download and install PostSharp you run the professional edition in trial mode if you don’t configure additional things – also if you want to run the community edition. There is no visual incisive hint, that informs you about that. So your assemblies gets an metainformation, that you use a PostSharp in evaluation mode. You could use the Reflector to check this: Setting a meaningful license In the start menu is the PostSharp tool “PostSharp 2.0 User Options”. With this tool ......

Initial situation Normally all of our installations are registered to the company name. But now we have the effect that some (developer) tool seems to overwrite this registry entries. That results in the following: License information from operation system in registry If you run winver.exe from a command line you will see this output: Copyright and vendor information from Assemblies And in new projects the information in the AssemblyInfo are: Origin of this problem We don’t know it. Maybe it is a ......