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Channel 9 offers videos in different levels of quality in two different formats (wmv and mp4).

Everytime I would like to download a video comes the question: What offer is should take? So I have made a comparison of all formats. Here is the result:

As Input I used the Rx Workshop Introduction (Rx Workshop: Introduction).

Format Dimension Size Visual Rating (subjective)
High Quality WMV
(PC, XBox, MCE)
1280 x 720 58 MB ++
Mid Quality WMV
(Low-Band Mobile)
512 x 288 34 MB +
High Quality MP4
(iPad, WP7)
1024 x 576 140 MB ++
(iPod, Zune HD)
480 x 272 15 MB o

Both high quality videos are very similar – maybe with a little advance for MP4 – but MP4 is three times larger, that it is not worth.

So for me the two WMV-choices are the right one. If the videos have detailed artefacts (like Visual Studio coding) the higher resolution could be a benefit.

posted on Tuesday, July 26, 2011 8:41 AM