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This article continues from Graphics in Silverlight 5 - Part I.

In the second part of this series, we shall see how to create other Shape elements. But before we do so, you may have some questions. You may feel this article is just dealing with controls/elements in a very trivial manner. You may feel, why should I spend the effort to learn just a few shapes when I can easily drag and drop various controls from Expression Blend and create fancy pages or user controls. The answer to this can be given through an analogy. When you look at a house, you don't see the elements that went into building it. You don't see the bricks, the cement, the paints, the wood, and other elements that have gone into building the house. If you take an individual brick, by itself it may hardly seem a useful item. It may even seem useless all by itself (unless you want to hit someone over the head with it! Just kidding.) But when you put together a few hundred or thousand bricks, throw in some cement, some fancy paints, wood, glass or whatever elements you need to build a good house, place them all in an appropriate manner (the placing may take years even) then the outcome will be a good one. Likewise, instead of looking at an Ellipse or any other shape element by itself, if you put together a bunch of shapes, add some fancy animations, storyboards, triggers, and even styles, you can have a spectacular outcome.


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