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Like most people I have multiple accounts with the big three email services (Hotmail/live, gmail, yahoo). For my older Hotmail accounts, I still have the ability to use Outlook to connect to them for free. Gmail gives POP access, and reads everyone’s email, so my gmail accounts are setup in Outlook. Yahoo gives me nothing.

Can you guess from the previous paragraph which accounts I use more? I like Outlook, I use it more than any other app. It holds my to-do list, my shopping lists, my current tasks, calendar, contacts, etc. Always syncing with my HTC Apache, always syncing with the exchange server, always having its PST's and OST's backed up to both the Windows Home Server (on-site) and to Mozy (off-site).

For me to use an email account seriously I need to be able to have it show up in Outlook. That lets me have my emails backed up and archived with the rest of my emails. It lets me search over them using Windows Desktop Search. It lets them get pushed to my phone. It lets me easily forward them to other people using different email accounts, which is key when you have certain emails for certain tasks. Bringing these emails into Outlook makes them truly exist to me.

Yesterday Yahoo announced that it will soon offer unlimited email storage, excellent news for all people who use Yahoo mail. But today the news that the Yahoo Mail APIs, both SOAP and JSON will be free and available to all developers. This is very cool good news. First because Yahoo is still supporting SOAP web services, unlike others, and hasn't been completely overrun with web 2.0 madness. But secondly because this can (and hopefully will) bring in a lot of new developers to code against their API. T

I can't wait until someone writes a nice little .NET Outlook add-in that can connect to Yahoo and make it seem like Yahoo mail is being accessed through POP or IMAP. Have access to the storage of unlimited emails through Outlook and Desktop Search. I hope I don't have to wait for too long, because that is the kind of project that I might add to my list after my current one is completed.

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