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Factories , DIs etc.,
In my opinion, This is the most simplist design pattern of all and the most widely and incorrectly used pattern in both .NET and J2EE World. Factory and Abstract Factory are two different patterns, .For Example, Abstract factories can be used to instantiate a Concrete Factory. What qualifies a Factory: Co-ordinated Instantiation. Stateless Configurable Can be Secured Loosely coupled. Does not Act as Container / not Initiate Transaction. (some of you may disagree with me on this) In .NET System.Activator ......

Posted On Wednesday, August 23, 2006 2:48 PM

Hello world on Blog - AJAX Simplified.
Just moved my blog out of the blogger spot and couple of other places.. so let me start with something simple. Introduction AJAX stands for Asynchronous Javascript and XML, Although the Term AJAX was introduced in 2005, The power to call server side code without having to post the entire page has been around since 1999. We now have handfull of framework and ideas floating around, check out the for more information. Microsoft recently started focusing on AJAX with its ATLAS (still ......

Posted On Wednesday, August 16, 2006 5:45 PM

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