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Nokia Lumia 920–The Unlocking

Thursday, December 13, 2012 7:24 PM

When a really cool piece of technology becomes available on the market, and people get their hands on it for the first time, they may follow it up with an official “unboxing” blog or video post.

However, for your sake and mine, I opted against providing such a video. Mainly because I behave like a little kid at Christmas when I get my hands on anything remotely cool. After all, when I finally got my hands on a Lumia 920, I was in the middle of the local area mall, and despite being in an open and public place, there was jumping and squealing and cheering that went on. In hindsight, it was a bit over the top. That’s not a video I want to be posted online where it will remain for all of eternity.

However, what I will share is far more valuable to my fellow Canadians looking to purchase a Nokia Lumia 920 outright and need to get it unlocked so that it will work on a carrier other than Rogers. No offense to Rogers, but I am under a Bell wireless plan of which I am still under contract. There wasn’t an option to start a new contract and have two phones on the go, and I really love my wireless plan. I just needed a new phone… a new Windows Phone. The Lumia 920 was what I had my heart set on…and so a Lumia 920 is what I chose to buy.

In order to unlock my phone successfully:

1) I purchased a Rogers Pay As You Go micro SIM card which cost $10.

2) I went online to the Rogers web site to activate my card: https://www.rogers.com/web/Rogers.portal?_nfpb=true&_pageLabel=PREPAID_ACTIVATIONS&_nfls=true&setLanguage=en 

Note: This step will set you up with a phone number that you can use as your Rogers account when contacting Customer Service and to handle payment of the unlocking service.

3) I topped up the card online in the amount of $50. It is important that you top up the card with $50, because that is how you will pay for the unlocking charges when you call in.

4) I inserted the SIM card into the phone and turned the phone on

5) I called Rogers Customer Service and was directed to the wireless department who then directed me to the unlocking department (I didn’t realize they had a department dedicated to performing  this service)

6) The customer service rep validated my phone number, asked for the last four digits of the phone’s IMEI, deducted $50 from my Pay As You Go account, and then gave me an unlock code.


At this point, the customer service rep will direct you to swap out your Rogers Pay As You Go SIM with your carrier’s micro SIM card so that you can unlock your Lumia while you are on the line with customer service. That is a precaution in the event the unlock code doesn’t work, so that the issue can get resolved in the same call without requiring you to call back.

Once your phone reboots with your carrier’s SIM card, the phone will prompt you for an unlock code. Enter the code and confirm. And voila! Phone is unlocked!

Now that your phone is unlocked, all that you have left to configure is your carrier’s internet APN and MMS APN.

For Bell Canada, these settings are available here:

Configure Internet APN: http://support.bell.ca/mobility/smartphones_and_mobile_internet/how_to_configure_a_mobile_phone_or_smartphone_for_the_bell_mobility_hspa_network?step=3

Configure MMS APN: http://support.bell.ca/mobility/smartphones_and_mobile_internet/how_to_configure_a_mobile_phone_or_smartphone_for_the_bell_mobility_hspa_network?step=4

On your newly unlocked Lumia 920, go to settings | mobile network. Scroll down and tap “add internet apn”. Enter your carrier’s settings and save. Do the same for configuring your MMS settings.