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Liam McLennan

There is a good deal of Ruby envy among the more outspoken .NET developers. This post is an attempt to aggregate the many blog posts from .NET developers expressing their love of ruby.

Rob Conery

Why I Like Ruby

Why I Like Ruby, Part 2: Blocks

Contrasting Ruby and C# Using My College Friends

Scott Bellware

Ruby For .NET Developers

Justin Etheredge

What is so great about Ruby?

Jeremy Miller

Silly thing I want from Ruby in C#

David Tchepak

Essence and ceremony, Ruby and C#

John V. Petersen

Why I Love Ruby

Davy Brion

Why you don’t need dependency injection in ruby

I don’t know how this blog is going to evolve

I know there have been a lot more of these but this is what I could find quickly. If you have a good link that belongs on this list leave it in the comments.

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