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Liam McLennan

For years now we have been hearing from 37 signals that the way to bake a great web app is to build less – well the same is true of pizza.

Our western hedonism has led us to pursue ever cheesier and more stuffed crusts at the expense of the simple flavours. All we are left with is a fatty, salty heart attack in waiting.

The Italians know that the secret to great taste is simplicity. With that in mind I decided to base my pizza masterpiece on these simple flavours:

  • tomato
  • sopressa (spicy aged salami)
  • mozzarella
  • garlic
  • basil

Of course the first thing one needs when making pizza is a base.


A freshly made base is extremely important but unfortunately I was too lazy.

Next up is the tomato sauce. My wife made the sauce by reducing some tomatoes and adding herbs and sugar.


We had selected some fine ingredients to make our topping: sopressa salami, fresh basil and the best mozzarella we could find.


It is, according to google, important to bake pizza at a high temperature, so I set the oven to 250C (480F).

Here are the before and after shots:



Meanwhile, the dog did nothing.


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