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InterKnowlogy is always on the cutting edge of the Microsoft Platform so its not surprise that we were among first to build applications in WPF, Silverlight and now on Microsoft Surface (a touch screen computer embedded in a coffee table). I'm excited to show you two applications that we released recently.


VirtuView is a collaborative environment for viewing and annotating patient's examination results on anatomic 3D models. This application is evolution of our earlier Angiographer that we build for InterMountain Healthcare together with our partner Zygote (world's leader in 3D human anatomy models and textures). VirtuView lets users zoom and rotate the 3D heart models with your hands. You can use your fingers to draw arteries, place Stents and add annotations. And because this is multitouch you can use more than one finger or many people can work at once. This application is done in WPF and uses Microsoft HealthVault to securely store patient's data.

Check out this video demonstration from Tim Huckaby and Kevin Kennedy:

Update: Here you can watch another video with Tim and Dr. Peter Kuhn from Health User Group Conference.

History at your fingertips

This amazing application was built in conjunction with Microsoft and the Library of Congress. It chronicles the history of the republican and democratic national conventions in interactive Surface experience. The application is featured LIVE on Surface units at both upcoming conventions, and it was shown on the ABC National News this week and you can watch it on the website (move forward to approximately 01:18).

Here is a more technical demonstration from Rodney Guzman:


What about me?

Meanwhile I've been working with great team at Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Company that built the Harmony solution. We helped them built a WPF offline version of the Web based Harmony self-enrollment system that will be used by insurance agents. You can find more details in this Microsoft case study.

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