Carolina Code Camp 2013: Introduction to SharePoint Development

I spoke this weekend at the Carolina Code Camp on the CPCC campus here in Charlotte and my topic was an Intro to SharePoint Development for .NET Developers (those that have no knowledge of SharePoint).  It’s a topic that I’ve been talking about often with new and experienced devs alike, who want to know everything from how to set up a development environment to how to start coding and what can SharePoint do.

From my experience, a lot of the intro presentations given focus on writing those first lines of code, which is a great topic – but it’s about two or three steps away from the absolute beginning.  I spoke a little about SharePoint’s version history, my thoughts on setting up an environment, as well as the tools that you use before you open Visual Studio.  I ended with some Visual Studio info and I was hoping to get into code, but I was only able to get through my slides before my hour was up.

As I promised to those in attendance, here’s a link to my slide deck on SkyDrive:

..and here’s a version you view from Slideshare:

It was actually good that I didn’t need to do live demos, because I didn’t have access to any of my normal virtual machines that I use for presentations (see my previous post for details:  I was actually using my Surface RT tablet for the presentation and it worked great. I bought the special mini HDMI to VGA adapter from the Microsoft store here in Charlotte the previous weekend.  I went with the VGA adapter because I knew they had VGA connections at the campsite ( Smile ) but I wasn’t sure that they had HDMI.

I was going to do a demo using CloudShare based VMs, but I had trouble getting onto their WiFi and as I said, I didn’t have time for it anyway.

After my presentation, which was the first one of the day for the SharePoint track (one of five tracks with 60 sessions !), I was able to relax and enjoy the other presentations.  I got to attend four: an Intro to 2013 Apps Dev, a 2013 SP Designer New Features, an Agile Dev with TFS, and 2013 Search Driven UI session.  All of them very good, and all very relevant to what’s going on at the office.  All of those speakers did a great job.

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