SharePoint 2010 Developer Training

I’ve written a couple of posts about SharePoint 2010 Administrator training/learning, so I thought I should follow up with some tips for developer training as well….

Microsoft has two exams for SharePoint 2010 developers.  The first is Exam 70-573, Application Development.  The second is Exam 70-576, Designing and Developing Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Applications.  Those links cover the topics for each exam as well as some Microsoft preparation materials.

One of the best sites, and one that I relied on a lot with my prep for the exams, is this Microsoft site: It started out as a site for SharePoint 2007 development, but they’ve since pointed it to their 2010 content.  It’s a whole series of webinars, with virtual labs and even quizzes.

There’s also a lot of videos on Microsoft’s Channel 9.

Also, if you don’t have a laptop/workstation that is capable of running a SharePoint 2010 virtual machine or you don’t have a spare server handy, check out Cloud Share.  I wrote about them in my last blog post and just found a link on Twitter to this post by Owen Allen detailing his experience with them.

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