Google’s Chrome Frame in Windows IE8 issues

GoogleChromeFrameI received an invitation to Google’s Wave yesterday (I have no idea why) and so I went immediately to go check it out.  One of the first things I ran into was the suggestion by Google that I install Chrome Frame, so I did.

I then accessed Google Wave fine, but didn’t really do too much.

Today, I noticed while doing my typical browsing (using multiple tabs in IE8) that when I’d close a TAB, it wouldn’t close.  It’d stay open for what seemed like minutes (I didn’t clock it) before finally closing.  Then I noticed that the other TABs were locked and I couldn’t scroll down until the TAB I had closed actually closed.

I didn’t think of it at first, but after a while I decided to disable the Chrome Frame add on.  Once I disabled it, my IE went back to normal.

I have a pretty plain installation right now after my rebuild last month.  I haven’t even taken the time to install FireFox or Chrome like I normally do and all of my work related stuff is contained within a Virtual PC (so no Visual Studio or similar tools installed on the base).

Print | posted @ Saturday, October 24, 2009 8:04 PM