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I’m after 2 big public presentations of Kodu(4 Developers, Smaki programowania 2 (Taste of coding 2)) and 2 private presentations in schools (just for teachers). After presentations I have more than 4 different schools who are asking for Kodu! One of these schools is our children school.

imageEvery presentation has big success and I hear a lot of positive feedback after presentations.

I think this is because of easy and fast development, and a lot of powerful objects inside Kodu.

In each presentation I show few simple “real” problems which can be solved by children, like:

  1. Visualization
    • Behavior of many people in different situations (like fire in school etc.)
    • Teach how animals are organizing
  2. Programming
    • How to write programs with recurrence
    • How to create multiple objects (and what are objects and methods)
  3. How to write games :)

Visual Studio


I think Kodu have good idea for fast Object Oriented programming using any controller (not only Xbox controller, but also keyboard and mouse). It would be great if this kind of programming will be implemented in… VISUAL STUDIO :) ReSharper and Devexpress is coming close to this idea, but in not so easy way.

I’m surprised that radial popups with multiple levels are so nice and fast in development! I’m addicted to Kodu ;)

Posted on Wednesday, March 18, 2009 9:38 AM XNA/MDX | Back to top

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