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This morning Ray Ozzie, the Chief Architect at Microsoft, opened the conference with a great keynote and the official announcement of Microsoft Windows Azure and their Cloud Services initiative. You can find out more about this whole initiative at

The keynote itself was a very high level, "marketing" pitch for a new hosting model for .NET applications and there will definitely be a shift in the way we think about large distributed applications when this thing takes off. It's such a unique shift in how we think about coding I think I'm going to have to actually build something that get's deployed into the "cloud" before I truly appreciate how it works. The big thing to point out is that it is not "free", Microsoft has not announced pricing but it will be priced based on service level agreement and resource consumption. But, if it ends up being competitively priced then it will be a very compelling offering as opposed to just leasing servers or buying cheap hosting. Also, Microsoft is shifting every one of it's primary product offerings into the "cloud" and organizations will have the opportunity to "lease" access to these applications. They will provide Sharepoint, Microsoft Dynamics, Office, SQL, etc all within the "cloud".

If it says anything about the vibe at PDC, there are tons of sessions on new upcoming technologies like Azure and parallel computing plus there are a few related to more applicable current technologies that we are much more likely to use within a reasonable amount of time. One of these sessions is an advanced session on recent advances in the .NET type system. Since this is session is more applicable to what I do today I decided to attend this session as opposed to the "Cloud services" session. Apparently so did 500 other people. They had to shut the door as this session is at capacity with easily 100+ people standing around the walls. And this is an advanced level type system talk focusing on COM+ interop and Primary Interop Assemblies (PIA's).


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