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Today most devices connect to the PC via USB. What if you need to share a USB device with another person at home or at work. What you normally do is unplug the device and hand it over to the other person. Or you can let him/her use your computer where the device is present. What if the device is not portable ? What if you and your friend are located at different parts of the world and need to share a device ? What if the device needs to be shared on a timely basis among a number of persons, so that each one can access the device when it becomes available ? The device can be a Scanner, a hardware protection dongle, an Oscilloscope, a medical sensor or a development board, it can be any USB device. Enter USBDeviceShare, the hassle-free and easy way to share and access USB devices remotely over network (or internet).

USBDeviceShare has 2 components : a server and a client. Install server where devices are physically present and where they need to be shared. Install client where devices need to be remotely accessed. The remote devices can be virtually plugged in to your PC using the client. Applications which work with these devices can then be run as if the devices are locally connected.

Another important application of USBDeviceShare is in virtualization. USB support, i.e ability to access USB ports of host machines, is not present or is unstable in most virtual machines. The solution is to install USBDeviceShare server in the host OS and run client in Guest OSes (VMs). The clients can connect and access the USB devices connected to the host OS.

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Usually, when you need to use any USB device (like scanner, flash-memory, etc) you plug it into USB port of your computer. But for all that, the device is accessible only for the computer it is plugged into. And what if someone else needs to use the same USB device?

Common time and money-consuming actions:

You can unplug USB device from your PC and give it to another user.
Disadvantages: according to different circumstances, not always there is a possibility to give USB device to another user, even for a while.

You can allow another user to work with that device on your PC.
Disadvantages: not always there is a possibility to allow someone else to work with that USB device on your PC (especially if another user is in the another office, city or country).

It is possible to purchase the same USB devices additionally.
Disadvantages: additional USB devices could be purchased but it depends on the cost of the device and quantity required.
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FabulaTech has resolved this problem in a different extraordinary way by implementing the USB IP strategy. We've created USB over Network which allows working with remote USB devices over a local network or the Internet. All you have to do is to install USB over Network Server on the PC where USB devices are plugged in. USB over Network Client must be installed on the PCs you want to give access to those very USB devices. That's all. Now any user which has installed USB over Network Client can work with remote USB devices as if they were connected directly to his local PC.
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