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A challenge has been made.

It started off with someone named Justice, whom I do not know; the challenge was then extended to me by D'Arcy, who has described his own personal goals. I do accept the challenge, with some caveats. First off... what is it?

The challenge, in summary, is how to become a better developer in 6 months. I have certain obstacles with this right now prevent me from going full-blown into it as D'Arcy and Justice:

  • I am currently a software manager, not a developer
  • My time is spent in analysis and organization, not developing
  • I have my wedding social in early May, my best friend's wedding at the end of June where I am a groomsman, and my own wedding at the end of July

So, that being said, here are my own personal goals laid out, with the above items (which are priorities) in mind, and with the knowledge that post-wedding I will have more time to do so (since this challenge will take me to approximately the end of October):

  • Complete the self-study for the .NET Framework 2.0 foundation and take the exam
  • Begin and complete the self-study for the .NET Framework web development and take the exam
  • Read further on design patterns and gain a larger understanding
  • Begin work on designing and building an application system for a personal web site, but without utilizing or looking at what has already been built (like in the starter kits). This will allow me to FINALLY get my personal website up off of the ground, which has been floundering for almost a year with nothing to show.

There we go. Not as extensive as D'Arcy or Justice, for sure, but I know what kind of time constraints are on me with the wedding and some items coming up with work. I wanted to challenge myself, for sure, but also be somewhat realistic. I do have some nice-to-haves to add to this as well, time permitting:

  • Further in-depth understanding of SQL Server 2005 and how it works and what it can do with the reporting services
  • Stronger knowledge of what is available with CSS as it has grown leaps and bounds
  • Detailed implementation of some AJAX items as I have only had a limited exposure to actually using them
  • Build further on the above-mentioned system for more functionality, generality, etc.

So, whom shall I challenge in return? I will have to think about that and post back... Hmmm....

Posted on Saturday, April 28, 2007 3:16 PM | Back to top

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