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So I am going to now divert myself from the previous gameplay of NWN 2, and beyond my Christmas present of my Wii, to head back to the realm of the technically inclined. I will digress from time to time to comment not directly on tech but discuss some project management things as the urge arises (as I have now begun my foray into coursework revolving around the PM field, which is good since I am a PM at my work), to discuss what I think is one of the pitfalls of the IT world:


From far too many people, I have heard that "What do you mean you haven't used AJAX? You have to!" This is from both non-technical individuals, such as software sales people, to the technical who have heard about it at times from said non-technical individuals. My father, for example, heard about it through a colleague and asked if he should install it on his machine. After the look of "what the bleep are you talking about?" left my face, I went on to explain that AJAX is not a piece of software to install, per se, but a combination of technology along with a methodology to do things, used primarily on the web. This resulted in a blank look coming from him.

Some of the technical people who said they wanted to use it were no better. I have asked "Do you know what AJAX stands for and what its purpose is?" Few knew what its purpose was and fewer still knew what the acronym stood for, but they wanted to use it because they heard it was so cool. Depending on who you talk to, drugs are "so cool" as well, along with jumping off bridges... I don't see them rooting for those at the workplace.

I think the problem is that there are too many people who hear buzzwords and want to jump on them right away without a clear understanding of what it is or does. I myself have never used AJAX, but I know what it stands for and what its intent is. I am reading up on how to use it as a project of mine going forward is going to require the use of it, and as the manager of said project I should have an understanding of the technology that I will ultimately be responsible for.

For those who read this blog, which are far and few between, your comments on buzzwords and how people jump on them without knowing anything about what they are?

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