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Windows Azure Diagnostics Managed Library: The new Diagnostics API enables logging using standard .NET APIs. The Diagnostics API provides built-in support for collecting standard logs and diagnostic information, including the Windows Azure logs, IIS 7.0 logs, Failed Request logs, crash dumps, Windows Event logs, performance counters, and custom logs.

Variable-size Virtual Machines (VMs): Developers may now specify the size of the virtual machine to which they wish to deploy a role instance, based on the role's resource requirements. The size of the VM determines the number of CPU cores, the memory capacity, and the local file system size allocated to a running instance.

e.g.: <WebRole name=”WebRole1” vmsize=”ExtraLarge”>

Supported values for the ‘vmsize’ are:

1. Small

2. Medium

3. Large

4.       ExtraLarge

More information for Diagnostics Managed Library can be found at:



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