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News kaleidoscope 1817, lit. "observer of beautiful forms," coined by its inventor, Sir David Brewster (1781-1868), from Gk. kalos "beautiful" + eidos "shape" (see -oid) + -scope, on model of telescope, etc. Figurative meaning "constantly changing pattern" is first attested 1819 in Lord Byron, whose publisher had sent him one.

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Design patterns are represented as relationships between classes and objects with defined responsibilities that act in concert to carry out the solution.

Azure Design Pattern : Design Pattern on the Azure platform.

· Cloud Hosting Patterns

· Cloud Data Patterns

· Cloud Communication & Sync Patterns

· Cloud Security Patterns

· Application Patterns

Application Patterns: These patterns describe composite applications created by combining the core patterns.

· Hosted Web Application

· Hosted Web Application with Background Worker Processes

· Hosted Web Service

· Hosted Web Service with Background Worker Processes

· Grid Computing Application

· Cloud-Extended Enterprise Application

· Multi-Enterprise Business Application (MEBA)

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