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While trying out Thunderbird this weekend I picked up a couple of things that weren't obvious to me. Initially I had set up separate profiles for each mail service I wanted to test. After trying it out, I decided that having one profile with separate subfolders and rules to move messages was more to my liking. After searching for how to merge things for different profiles I found out how easy it is...

1. To "merge" a subfolder from one profile to another, simply copy (or move) the mail file (containing the emails), the index file (.msf) and the subfolder (.sbd) from one profile's Local Folders over to the other one. When you start Thunderbird, it'll open the subfolder as if it's always been there. A few links I found pointed out that the .msf index is optional as Thunderbird will rebuild it.

2. To "merge" mails in a standard folder such as "Inbox" or "Sent" just create copies of the files (no extension, .msf, and .sbd folder) in the old profile folder allowing the "Copy of" prefix to remain - you could rename these copies if you wanted to. Move these copies over to the profile you wish to access them from and then start Thunderbird and you'll see the newly moved folders. In the case of "Inbox" you'll see two Inbox folders so just merge the emails into the one you wish to keep then exit Thunderbird and delete the copied files/folder you just put there.


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