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Fringe SharePoint Continued

So, I finally got around to installing SharePoint 2010! I will get a chance to poke aroudn this week and take a look at the new features and start blogging.

I had a couple of issues I thought I would direct people in the right direction. I run all my vm's on Mac OSX, I had to upgrade to Snow leopard which has is an x64 OS and I upgraded my vm version. I actually run Parallel's for Mac. The newest version is version 5. I am not 100% sure but I don't think that creation x64 OS on parallels is a new feature. I never really tried or needed to before. I upgraded because I usually upgrade to new versions of parallels when it is availlable, because of rebates to new versions and because I saw that SP 2010 beta was only for x64 bit OS.

  I created a Parallel with Windows Server 2008 as my OS and then installed SQL Server 2008 , and then ran the beta SP 2010 exe. I had to run the Set up tools installations a couple of times as I had trouble with installing  PowerShell and then the installation skipped all the rest of the installation items. In order to fix it, I had to unistall the PowerShell feature from the features wizard on the server, and then try the install again, It seemed to work.

  after installing the setup tools (which is the first part of the install) I tried actually installing SP 2010, and then I had an error saying that I needed a hotfix. The hotfix number is KB971831. Install it, and I think I had to do a restart, tried installing again and it worked!

  There are tons of sites that are posting top or favorite 2010 features. I will be posting up some of my favorites as soon as I find them!

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