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I started a series that I titled Mission Impossible. Read the Introduction if you have not already done so, you can find it here. This Post will cover the quota issue and some ideas I put out for the client to decide.

This solution can be approached in two different ways, a passive approach and a pro active approach. Let me describe.

 Let me describe the problem first. A site collection exists with sub sites. The client wanted a quota set to a 2G limit on each sub site. There are no way that can be done with out of the box. Quotas can only be set on a site collection level. So now on with the solutions...

The 2 part  Passive Solution:
          1) Site Quota web part. A while ago I came across a web part I thought was a good idea but had no need for or requirement at the time. So when the client mentioned quotas on sub sites, this web part came to mind.

          Pros: A very good visual representation of the amount of quota being used.
          Pros: Easy to install and use.
          Pros: Existing site collection would not need restructuring.
          Con: Users can still exceed the quota limit!
          Con: Now looking at it I don't know that the site quota webpart can be used for sub sites. The size of the storage is retrieved through the SPSite object, not the SPWeb.  

           2) Notifications - It would be great if an administrator would have a report or notifications of users that are close to or exceeding quota limits. Although I did not implement it, I suggested a timer job to run every night. This Timer job would traverse through the sites and report on sites exceeding or coming close to exceeding a quota limit.

           Pros: This would provide reporting and management of site quotas.
           Con: Users can still exceed the quota limit!!

Passive Solution Conclusion: This passive solution would take the least amount of restructuring of the existing site collection. but it really will not do. It really does not prevent users from exceeding the site limit. Overall this is not going to cut it!

The Pro Active Solution:

           1) Migrate the Department Sites to their own site collection - Moving sites into their own site collections would allow for the client to set Site Quota limits on the site collections, which would then be the department sites.

           2) Set site quota of desired amount on the site collection.

            Pros: users will not be able to exceed site quota.
            Con: This solution requires restructuring and migration of sites. Not to mention hundreds of sub sites that will need to be moved. There seem to be a of department sites.

Overall conclusion:

   I am not a spokesperson for any particular product but I'm have seen several clients use particular products. There are 2 particular solutions I have seen used quite a bit to manage high scale migrations:

     AvePoint has a product called DocAve. Read about it if you are interested.

     Quest Software is also another product that has enterprise products for SharePoint.

     MOSS StsAdm!

The problem with using StsAdm is that it is quite limited with migrations. There are two major commands that are used, Backup and Export command. Backup command is really for backing up Site collections, Exports are meant to backup sub sites. The problems really come in when you export a subsite and then restore it to a root site collection site. I have seen several issues with exporting and importing subsites into site collections. This is one of the reasons companies move towards buying enterprize software like avepoint and quest software. They also provode other great features which you will want to read about.

My next blog post will cover how I addressed the department listing webpart. Considering that all the department sites will be moved to a completely different web applicaiton and exist as their own site collection.

Till next time!

Juan Posted on Tuesday, September 1, 2009 11:07 PM SharePoint | Back to top

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