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Ashraful Alam is a Software Architect, who has 8 years of professional experience in Software Development industry. This Bangladeshi national is involved with project management and development of several US based software projects from his country. Already he has managed and developed several software projects, which are being used by several users of different countries, such as USA, Canada, Australia, and Bangladesh. While developing and managing a team, he contains and maintains a set of well defined engineering practices developed by him and other online developer communities.

Due to his willingness to give effort to improve and share better software development practices, Ashraf has been awarded as “Most Valuable Professional” (MVP) in ASP.NET category by Microsoft since year 2007 multiple times, which is a rare honor and prestigious reorganization among the developers around the world.

Check his portfolio to know more about him and his works.

.NETTER Characters... Every part of your life is best, if you can know yourself and thus create your life like an artist! June 2008 Entries
10 Tools Which I Still Use, Even I Have VSTS 2008
In my last post, titled "10 Tools Which I Left After Using VSTS 2008", I have included a list of 10 tools which I am not using currently, as I have the corresponding features available in Visual Studio Team System 2008. However, on the other hand, I am still using few tools even I have VSTS 2008! Here are 10 of among them.. 1. Code Smith: An excellent template based code generator. 2. Crystal FTP: Excellent FTP client tool. 3. Total Validator: One of the most powerful tool that I ever seen, which ......

Posted On Tuesday, June 24, 2008 11:41 PM

10 Tools Which I Left After Using VSTS 2008
I have started using Visual Studio Team System (VSTS) 2008, recently. Previously I worked with Visual Studio 2005. As a matter of fact I had to use lots of external tools to perform and speedup my development process. However, while working with VSTS 2008, it's very exciting for me that, I found replacements for most of the external tools there. Here are 10 tools which I left after using VSTS 2008: 1. Database Schema Compare External tool: Redgate SQL Compare VSTS 2008 tool: Menu -> Data -> ......

Posted On Tuesday, June 24, 2008 9:44 PM

How To: Win the Tech Sea…
Microsoft is releasing new and exciting products and platforms for developers one by one, which are making developers pretty busy to learn, implement and utilize them at their production environment. Here are few latest hot cakes for developers: 1. Windows Presentation Foundation 2. Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) 3. Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) 4. Windows Forms 3.5 5. ADO.NET 3.5 6. ASP.NET 3.5 7. .NET Compact Framework 3.5 8. Windows CardSpace 9. Silverlight 2.0 10. IIS 7.0 11. Visual ......

Posted On Monday, June 23, 2008 11:31 PM

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