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Ashraful Alam is a Software Architect, who has 8 years of professional experience in Software Development industry. This Bangladeshi national is involved with project management and development of several US based software projects from his country. Already he has managed and developed several software projects, which are being used by several users of different countries, such as USA, Canada, Australia, and Bangladesh. While developing and managing a team, he contains and maintains a set of well defined engineering practices developed by him and other online developer communities.

Due to his willingness to give effort to improve and share better software development practices, Ashraf has been awarded as “Most Valuable Professional” (MVP) in ASP.NET category by Microsoft since year 2007 multiple times, which is a rare honor and prestigious reorganization among the developers around the world.

Check his portfolio to know more about him and his works.

.NETTER Characters... Every part of your life is best, if you can know yourself and thus create your life like an artist!

When a new development technology comes, the first thing that makes the developers busy, crazy and tensed is “how I can see the first ‘Hello World?’” Well of course you need to successfully install the corresponding software into your pc, then can write a new or open an provided sample, generally which is as simple as showing the “Hello World” message. After then the developer goes through the more complex samples, finds good tutorials and start discuss about it in the developer community.


As a .net developer, when I see .net 3.0 is in the web space in Beta, as usual I was a bit worried about it, what should I do now and how quickly I can and should grab this, since only few days ago .net 2.0 has been reached onto the developers hands with the FULL release. As .net framework is very large size development platform, it includes many stuffs to be known and installed at the very beginning, which makes the developer crazy at that time. Even it would take three or four days to understand and successfully install this software properly, but by these days the developer has to drawn into a big, getting impatient several times as lots and lots of issues are appearing to do and know!


Well I am almost at the ending path of this process, regarding .net 3.0 and now trying to simplify what I should do and know to successfully install the tools and can see the simple .net 3.0 applications.




.net 3.0 components has been developed mainly targeting Windows Longhorn platform. The final release of .net 3.0 will be fully compatible to that OS. Currently this can be also tested in XP and Windows Server 2003 environment. But since .net 3.0 uses very exclusive UI of Longhorn, I don’t know yet, whether the final version of .net 3.0 has any solution to develop and run the solutions in XP/Windows Server 2003.


.net 3.0 beta 2 can be installed in Windows XP SP2, Windows Server 2003 SP1 or Vista Beta 2. I am considering XP SP2.




To start develop in .net 3.0 we need a set or bundle of software to be installed. The term “Bundle” means, there are few software is needed to be installed separately for different purpose. I tried to figure out their responsibilities below. But before that, I IMPORTANT note to mention, as each of these are software of course they have separate version releases. While considering the software bundle we MUST have to the compatible version of the corresponding set.


Regarding the operating system and version releases, we will find a good matrix to choose the appropriate version here:


.net 3.0 is now in beta stage. So far in the web there are three versions are available, public Beta 2, CTP (Community Technology Preview) June 2006, CTP July 2006. Well as I am not a beta member or MSDN subscriber, as a public I have considered the “Public Beta 2”.


1. .net 3.0 Runtime


Contains the core pillars (WPF, WWF etc) and runtime components. If we wish only to run any .net 3.0 application, installing .net 3.0 runtime is enough.


2. Windows SDK


Why do we need Windows SDK, if we install .net 3.0 runtime and don’t wish to use any IDE? Well, of course we need a development kit, since .net 3.0 runtime includes the necessary things to run a .net 3.0 application. It contains documentation, samples, and tools to develop and support OS APIs(of course this SDK doesn’t include the OS API :D, OS API’s are built into the OS).


When we install Windows SDK, beside the development resources, it also installs .net 3.0 runtime if it is not already installed.


Those who has been worked in the early age of .net (1.0, 1.1, 2.0), required to install .net framework SDK. Rather .net framework SDK, on .net 3.0 age we need to install Windows SDK, which includes not only .net 3.0 SDK, but also OS API SDK, the equation can be given as below.


Microsoft has wrapped it into the following equation:


Windows SDK == Platform SDK + WinFX SDK;


3. IDE Tools


We may have the developer kit to develop .net applications, but we need some tool so that we can utilize the .net 3.0 libraries in much productive way. No doubt VS.NET has a successful record to be a great developer tool ;)


Currently VS.NET 2005 (Whidbey) is on the hands of the developers. Those who needs to develop .net 3.0 applications, but don’t want/can to use the upgrade version of VS, needs to install the required “extension tools” for VS.NET 2005 for specific purpose. For Beta 2, I got two VS extension tools as follows: one is for “Orcas” extension (code name “Fidalgo“) and the another one is for “Workflow”.


But of course the next version of VS.NET (“Orcas”) will include all of the required tools added into it, thus we will get rid from installing the “extension tools” separately :P

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