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Hello everyone, and welcome back after our winter break hiatus. We have a lot of cool features to cover in the coming weeks that will especially show off the power of Windows Server 2008 as an application server. So, this week we will kick off the new year by taking a short little peek at the new management API coming in IIS7.

What is new in IIS7 Administration? IIS7 provides a comprehensive managed-code API that allows complete manipulation of the XML configuration files and convenience access to server objects. IIS7 includes Microsoft.Web.Administration, which is a new management API for the web server that enables editing configuration through complete manipulation of the XML configuration files and also provides convenience objects to manage the server, its properties and state. The configuration editing aspect of the API provides programmatic access to read and write configuration properties in the IIS configuration file hierarchy and specific configuration files. The object management aspect of this API provides a series of top-level administration objects for direct management of the server (i.e. sites, application pools, worker processes, etc.).

The management classes reside in the Microsoft.Web.Administration namespace. The classes provide a weakly-typed interface to access configuration sections and convenience objects with properties and methods representing attributes of the configuration (like the path of a virtual directory) or actions to take on the object (like recycling an application pool).


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