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Well, it turns out that someone is wanting to make a go of this game programming challenge for GWB. If I recall, the contest rules dictate that part of the winning total also comes from blogging your progress. I have one thing to say to Mr. Maximus in that regards: "You're In Deep Horsey Doo-Doo!!". I fully expect that Chris will be able to "step away from the methodology buffet and actually produce something that works" as he puts it (speaking of producing, how's that next release of HA! coming, monkey boy?), but as for writing about it? Ha, that's a funny one!

You see, the advantage I have is that I can actually write well and be understood. Sure, Chris looks pretty cool with all his "tattoos" and such, but there are proven side-effects from having so much ink in your blood (and by "proven", I mean that I'm like totally making this crap up). One of the medically known side effects is that you can't write code worth crap. It's true! It's proven medical fact! I have a strong feeling that on June 29th, he's still going to be trying to figure out why his code won't compile :). (Hey Chris, here's a hint, it's probably because you're trying to compile VB code in C# Express :P).


Posted on Thursday, May 18, 2006 11:05 PM Game Development | Back to top

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