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An Archived Managed World This blog has moved to November 2004 Entries
In The Zone
I love moments like these.

Posted On Wednesday, November 24, 2004 3:21 PM

Halo 2 - How the AI works
Stuffo has an interview up with Chris Butcher of Bungie Studios about how the AI in Halo 2 works. Check it out.

Posted On Thursday, November 18, 2004 11:43 AM

Strongbad brings da funnies.
That is not a small number.

Posted On Monday, November 15, 2004 7:21 PM

Halo Addiction
Well, I'm officially addicted to Halo 2 and XBox Live now. I just finished playing a bunch of games online with Scott Hanselman and some others. What a blast. The last game was particularly fun. We were playing “1 Flag CTF” where there is one flag and each team takes turns as defenders and attackers. The map was Zanzibar. Zanzibar is an incredible map. Very fun and very fast passed. It particularly takes pretty good team work if you want to pull of a smooth win. The game was four-on-four ......

Posted On Saturday, November 13, 2004 2:48 AM

EA Work Conditions - Follow Up
I have a potential follow up to my previous post. It appears that employees at EA are perhaps preparing a class action lawsuit against EA, seeking unpaid overtime. Good for them, I say. It's about time someone stood up for what is right.

Posted On Friday, November 12, 2004 1:44 PM

I'm on XBox Live now! (yeah, finally)
I'm on XBox Live now. My gamertag is “bL0wF1sH”. Either post a comment here or add me to your friends list so that I know your gamertag. Here are the people that I already have gamertags for (I'll try to keep this list updated): Jason Olson - bL0wF1sH Jeff Jullian - jjulian2 Robert McLaws - InterscapeRob Scott Hanselman - Glucose Dave Kekish - eeyore Nick Swan - nick72 Jim Blizzard (or his son) - jimmyfargo Jake Good - GooberDLX Jim Bolla - crowdozer And yes, it was Halo 2 that finally ......

Posted On Wednesday, November 10, 2004 9:27 PM

The Professional Life of a Game Developer?
A friend pointed me to this link, which is a letter posted by a spouse of an Electronic Arts employee. Seeing that I haven't worked in the game industry, I can't really say just how common this is. However, with all the stories I've heard from developers that have worked in the game industry, my gut tells me that this story is entirely legitimate. I thought if that just a couple of you readers posted this link on your blog, or shared the link with friends, maybe we could up awareness at least a tiny ......

Posted On Wednesday, November 10, 2004 6:15 PM

Not Enough Time
Man, there's just not enough time to do all the things I want. I bought Halo 2 at the whole Midnight Madness thing, so I've been wanting to play that. But I also have KOTOR to finish up. On top of all that, I'm trying to continue making progress on the articles for Managed World. I still have a couple articles for Chris to finish. And now, I just saw that my XGameStation is out for delivery and I should receive it sometime today. Oy! On that note, I've learned one valuable lesson lately. I say “yes” ......

Posted On Wednesday, November 10, 2004 2:18 PM

Portland - Up For A Code Brew?
I saw Bill Evjen discussing a Code Brew that he just participated in. It sounds like a total blast and I was curious if the geeks from the Portland area (like fellow Nerd Dinner attendees) would be up to getting together for a Code Brew. What is a Code Brew, you might ask? Well, I think Bill said it best, so I will post a clip from this recent post of his: A Code Brew consists of a small group of peers (4-10 to be effective) Meet with laptops ready, software ready and an understanding that each person ......

Posted On Friday, November 5, 2004 1:52 PM

You know, I really suck at coming up with cool code names for projects. So, I'm going to adopt my own style. All I can say is that a thesaurus is the best friend of a person like me. Well, to make a long story short (o.k., it's not really that long anyways, like you care...), I decided to use the thesaurus this time around. Since I will be making two engines for Managed World, the first one being a simple 2d engine, the next one being a 3d engine, I decided to do a trusty thesaurus lookup for “engine”. ......

Posted On Thursday, November 4, 2004 1:49 PM

Book Review - Beginning .NET Game Programming in VB.NET/C#
You know, this book was a pleasant surprise to me. I wasn't surprised by it being a good book. In fact, I kind of expected it to be a book of quality since David Weller had a hand in it. What surprised me was just how good the book was. I am a strong believer that now matter how much you “think” you know about a subject, if the book is good enough, there is always *something* you can learn from a book (even if it is a “beginner's” book and you are an “expert”). ......

Posted On Wednesday, November 3, 2004 1:23 PM

Is Our Country More Selfish Than Ever?
You know, I've tried my best to not make any political posts during this election season since I know you don't read this blog for political commentary. However, this morning, I can't help myself. Is our country more selfish now than it has ever been? I, for one, am glad that Kerry unofficially conceded the race this morning (according to CNN). I personally believe it is the classy thing to do. Now, I am a Kerry supporter. I voted for Kerry, and I wanted Kerry to win. But, at this point, I personally ......

Posted On Wednesday, November 3, 2004 10:56 AM

A Puzzle
Here's a puzzle for any of you geeks that are out there and are bored. This first puzzle should be fairly simple. The instructions lie within: Owdd, kafuw sl dwskl gfw hwjkgf vwugvwv lzw dskl ewkksyw, A xaymjwv A ogmdv hgkl lzak lg kww ax A ywl sfq jwkhgfkwk. Rfc nsxxjc gql'r rfyr fypb. Ib tmiab, Q pwxm qb qav'b bpib pizl. B lniihlx matm B pbee ux tuex mh mxee ykhf ahp ftgr ixhiex tkx tuex mh lheox bm. Wt mci aobous hc gczjs wh (kvwqv W vcds oh zsogh cbs ct mci rc, gwbqs wh'g fohvsf gwadzs), dcgh ......

Posted On Tuesday, November 2, 2004 5:01 PM

f34r m3, 4 m3 = l337 h4x0r!

'Nuff said, foo!

p.s. I think there were some funky chemicals in my lunch today. Then again, I could just normally be this screwed up. At least, that's what all my friends tell me.

Posted On Monday, November 1, 2004 6:26 PM

Yjzn vitwjyt cvqz ocz avdiozno xgpz rcvo ocz apxf D'h ovgfdib vwjpo czmz?

Posted On Monday, November 1, 2004 6:23 PM

Do-Re-Me, Blah-Blah-Blah
[Update: Well, this is cheesy. The whole fun part is that I posted it in Wingdings. But it appears that the feed ignored the wingding font. Bummer.] I?m just blogging about nothing right now since I?m kind of bored. I?m sure the likeliness of anyone actually taking the time to read this is nil. Oh well, if you read this, how ?bouts you drop me a line? Huh, Homes? I honestly want to know if anyone is reading this. Row, Row, Row Your Boat Gently Down The Stream Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, Merrily Life ......

Posted On Monday, November 1, 2004 5:18 PM

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