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Earlier this evening (or late last night depending on where you are at in the country), my interest was piqued by an image Chris Sells has on his blog. I noticed he had an image of the “International High IQ Society”. Now, I fully understand that some people have given this a stigma of the “I'm not smart enough to be in Mensa” variety, but I still think it is cool. Out of curiosity, I went to the High IQ Society's website.

On their website, they have a series of free IQ tests. In order to qualify for a life membership into the Society, you have to score at least an IQ of 126 (within the top 5 percentile). Seeing that I scored so well on the last fake IQ test I took, I thought I would give it a go. First thing I noticed is that a lot of the questions were significantly more thought-provoking and challenging than the questions on the test mentioned above. But I gave it a go. Have some water handy because you're not going to be finishing this test withing 5-10 minutes unless you are Einstein.

Fortunately, I ended up scoring a 132, so I qualified for life membership in the Society. Yay! But, the real question is, why would any of you care? Well, I suppose that most of you couldn't care less about this whole situation. For those of you that would rather see two-headed monkeys flying around shooting magical fairy arrows at people, please leave now because I have no patience for your kind.

Now that all of those bozos are gone, let's have a chat. Why do I really want to tell you all about this? It's because I feel that now that I am finally getting into the groove with blogging, you are all my family. I don't mean that all of you are separate people (which you of course are), but after I while it's almost like I am talking to a brother or sister when I blog about something personal. It's kind of interesting, but after a certain amount of time, all of you have sort of amalgamated into one being that I feel I am really close to. It's quite funny about how it works when you think about it. I'm sure that any of you out there that have been blogging for a while feel this way.

Seeing that I feel so close to all of you, I think any one of you out there that is just a little bit curious should take the test. Perhaps we can be IQ buddies :). Sorry for the long, sappy, family time by the cozy fire. I'm sure I bored all but two of you out there. Perhaps in the future I won't blog about such mundane things. Then again, it's MY blog, and I'll blog what I want to, blog what I want to, blog what I want to.... you would blog to if it happened to you... da-da-da-dahhhh-dot. Yeah! 

Until next time, this has been Jason Olson and that's how to travel around the world in eighty days. Ciao!

Posted on Tuesday, March 23, 2004 1:42 AM | Back to top

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